Provides control over PDF rendering and rendering options.

Note: rendering is only available under the ABCpdf Professional License.

Rendering is initiated by using the Save method. Properties of this object allow finer control over the way that rendering is performed.



Method Description
Throws Exceptions GetBitmap Renders the current area of the current page to a Bitmap.
GetData Renders the current area of the current page to memory.
Save Renders and saves the current area of the current page.


Property Description
AllowIntentChanges Whether content in the PDF is allowed to override the rendering intent.
AntiAliasImages Whether to anti-alias images.
AntiAliasPolygons Whether to anti-alias polygons.
AntiAliasScene Whether to apply entire scene anti-aliasing.
AntiAliasText Whether to anti-alias text.
AutoRotate Whether pages should be automatically rotated.
Backdrop The background color against which content is rendered.
BitsPerChannel The output bits per color channel.
ColorSpace The name of the output color space.
DefaultHalftone Halftone type and options.
DotsPerInch The output resolution in dots per inch (DPI).
DotsPerInchX The horizontal output resolution in dots per inch (DPI).
DotsPerInchY The vertical output resolution in dots per inch (DPI).
DrawAnnotations Whether to render fields and annotations.
IccCmyk The path to the default CMYK ICC color profile.
IccGray The path to the default Gray ICC color profile.
IccOutput The path to the default output ICC color profile.
IccRgb The path to the default RGB ICC color profile.
Log The log for the last render.
Metadata A collection of TIFF tags that should be written to the output file.
MinimumLineWidth The minimum stroked line width for output.
NamedSeparation Named separations.
NumTiffStrips Number of strips to generate when writing a tiff file.
OpsToIgnore A set of operators to ignore.
Overprint Whether to apply overprint.
Palette A color palette to be used.
PreserveK Switch for preserving black options when converting color values to cmyk.
PreserveKOptions Tell the color management system how to preserve black when converting color values to cmyk.
Progressive Whether JPEG output should use progressive compression.
RenderingIntent Gets or sets the default rendering intent.
ResizeImages Whether to resize images for vector output.
SaveAlpha Whether to save the alpha channel into the output.
SaveAppend Whether to append to (rather than overwrite) existing image files.
SaveCompression The preferred compression method.
SaveQuality The output file quality for lossy compression.
UseEmbeddedHalftone Whether to use embedded halftones.