Represents the current save settings.



Method Description


Property Description
CompressMetadata Whether to compress catalog metadata in the document.
CompressObjects Whether to use object stream compression to reduce file size.
EmbeddedGraphics The format to be used for exporting PDF vector graphics.
FileExtension Gets or sets the file extension for the target when it is not otherwise specified.
Folder The folder where to save additional files (images, fonts, etc).
FontSubstitution The font substitution type.
IDConstant Whether to assign a constant file version identifier.
IDHexadecimal Whether to assign non-ASCII file identifiers.
IDUpdate Whether to update the file version identifier.
Incremental Whether to use incremental update to preserve an audit trail.
Linearize Whether to linearize the output for fast web viewing.
Preflight Whether to preflight objects in the document.
Refactor Whether duplicate objects should be detected and factored out.
Remap Whether to reduce size by remapping objects.
SaveQuality The quality for lossy image compression.
Template The path to the template file.
TemplateData The template data.
WritePageSeparator The delegate called to write the page separator for export.