Global setting class.

This static class is used to access global information about ABCpdf and to control the way ABCpdf works.

All the methods and properties on this class are static, so you will never need to instantiate a new object of this class.



Method Description
InstallLicense Install a license.
InstallRedistributionLicense Install a redistribution license.
InstallSystemLicense Install a system license.
InstallTrialLicense Install a trial license.
LoadColorBooks Load color books for use when rendering spot color images.
Register Register and install a trial license.
SetConfigFile Set the application configuration using a Linux style config file.
SetConfigSection Set the application configuration section.


Property Description
Key A trial license key used for remote deployment.
LicenseDescription The current license for the software.
Licensee The current licensee for the software.
LicenseType The current feature level for the software.
LicenseValid Whether the current license is valid.
Log A log that may contain debugging information.
LogErrors Whether to log errors in the Application Event Log.
Version The software version.