Inserts a Bookmark into the list at the specified position.




void Insert(int index, Bookmark bookmark)
void Insert(int index, string title)

[Visual Basic]
Sub Insert(index As Integer, bookmark As Bookmark)
Sub Insert(index As Integer, title As String)

Throws Exceptions may throw ArgumentOutOfRangeException()



Name Description
index The zero-based index at which value should be inserted.
bookmark The bookmark to be added.
title The title for the bookmark to be added.




Inserts an item into the list at the specified position.

You can insert a Bookmark directly or you can use one of the overloaded operators to insert a bookmark with a specified title.

When you insert a string this is encapsulated within a new Bookmark which is then inserted.

Bookmarks can exist in only one place at a time. If the Bookmark supplied is already contained by another object then a Clone of the Bookmark is added.

If the index equals the number of items in the array then the bookmark is appended to the end.

If the index is not a valid index this method throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException.