An EmbeddedFile represents a file stream embedded inside a PDF document.

It includees a small amount of metadata such as, optionally, the file creation and modification date. However it is primarily related to file data..



Method Description
EmbeddedFile EmbeddedFile Constructor.
Throws Exceptions UpdateMetadata Update metadata for the embedded file.
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Property Description
Checksum The 16 byte checksum for the embedded file.
CreationDate The creation date of the embedded file.
MacCreator The Macintosh file creator - a four char code represented as an integer.
MacResFork The Macintosh resource forks stream for this file.
MacType The Macintosh file type - a four char code represented as an integer.
ModificationDate The modification date of the embedded file.
Size The size of the embedded file.
Subtype The subtype of the embedded file.
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