Represents a field in a document.

The PDF specification makes a distinction between a field (in terms of a named value) and the visible appearance of the field on the document.

So not every field has a visible appearance. Those that do can be located using the Page and Rect properties. The value of the field can be modified using the Value property.

Fields exist within a hierarchy. Fields have children and their children can have children in turn. You can drill down through the hierarchy using the Kids property.

Alternatively - given a fully qualified name - you can use the XForm level methods to obtain references directly.

Note that the Field object is an abstraction of the underlying objects defined in the document. As such the Object ID may refer to an Annotation Widget or it may refer to a Field or it may refer to a hybrid Widget Field as defined in the PDF specification.



Method Description
Focus Prepare document for drawing at the field location.
GetAnnotations Gets all the Annotations referenced by this field or its children.
GetKids Gets a set of Fields that are descendents of this one.
GetExportValues Gets the export values for this field.
SetFont Sets the font and font size to be used for text.
Stamp Stamp this field into the document.
UpdateAppearance Update the appearance of all the Annotations associated with this field.
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Property Description
DefaultAppearance The default appearance (DA) used for the text.
FieldType The field type.
Flags The Field Flags (Ff) entry.
Format The field format.
Kids All the immediate children of this field.
MultiSelect Whether the field supports multiple selections.
Name The fully qualified field name.
Options The field options.
Throws Exceptions Page The Page on which the field appears.
Throws Exceptions PageID The ID of the page on which the field appears.
Parent The parent of this field.
PartialName The partial field name.
Throws Exceptions Rect The location and size of the field.
TextAlignment The alignment for the text.
TextColor The color used for the text.
TextFont The font used for the text.
TextSize The font size used for the text.
Value The field value.
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