A visible page within the document.



Method Description
Throws Exceptions DeInline Makes any inline images into external images.
Detach Detaches a content stream from the page.
Flatten Flatten and compress the page content stream.
GetAnnotations Gets all the Annotations on the page.
GetLayers Gets all the content Layers for the page.
GetNamedSeparations Gets all the named separations referenced by the page.
GetResourcesByType Get all the resources of a named type, optionally including any used by referenced objects.
GetResourceMap Get a dictionary mapping the names of a particular type of resource to Atoms.
GetText Extract content from the current page in a specified format.
Throws Exceptions Recolor Converts the page from one color space to another.
Throws Exceptions VectorizeText Replaces the text on the page with glyph outlines.
AddLayer Add a content layer at the front of the page.
AddResource Add a particular type of resource to the page.
Throws Exceptions GetBitmap Render one or more layers on the current page.
GetContentData Gets the decompressed content data from the page.
SetContentData Sets the content data for the page.
MakeFormXObject Makes a FormXObject out of the page.
Rotate Rotates the page by a multiple of ninety degrees.
StampFormXObjects Removes all Form XObjects from the page by embedding them into the page content.
Transform Transform the page contents and page bounding boxes.


Property Description
ArtBox The ArtBox for the page.
BleedBox The BleedBox for the page.
Throws Exceptions CropBox The CropBox for the page.
Throws Exceptions MediaBox The MediaBox for the page.
PageNumber The number of the page in the document.
Parent The parent of this page.
Rotation The number of degrees to rotate the page before display.
Thumbnail The Thumbnail for the page.
TrimBox The TrimBox for the page.