An Atom containing an array of other Atoms.


Implements: IList<Atom>, ICollection<Atom>, IEnumerable<Atom>, IList, ICollection, IEnumerable


Method Description
  FromXRect Create an ArrayAtom from a XRect representation.
  FromXTransform Create an ArrayAtom from a XTransform representation.
  FromContentStream Create an array of Atoms from a byte array containing a sequence of PDF objects.
  FromNames Create an ArrayAtom of NameAtoms from a list of strings.
  FromStrings Create an ArrayAtom of StringAtoms from a list of strings.
  FromNums Create an ArrayAtom of NumAtoms from a list of numbers.
ArrayAtom ArrayAtom Constructor.
CopyTo Copies the Atoms into an array.
Add Add an item to the end of the array.
Clear Removes all Atoms from the array.
Contains Determines whether the array contains a specific Atom.
IndexOf Determines the index of a specific Atom.
Throws Exceptions Insert Inserts an Atom into the array at the specified position.
Remove Removes an Atom from the array.
Throws Exceptions RemoveAt Removes an Atom at a specified position from the array.
Throws Exceptions AddRange Adds the elements in the supplied array at the end of this array.
Equals Test whether the two ArrayAtoms are the same.
GetEnumerator Gets an enumerator for the Collection.
Throws Exceptions GetRange Creates a shallow copy of a range of elements in the source array.
Throws Exceptions InsertRange Inserts the elements in the supplied array into this array at the specified index.
Throws Exceptions RemoveRange Removes a range of elements from the source array.
ToString The string representation of the StringAtom as it would appear in a PDF.
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Property Description
Count The number of Atoms in the array.
Throws Exceptions Item Get or set the Atom at the specified index.
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