An Atom containing a dictionary of other Atoms indexed by name.


Implements: IDictionary<string, Atom>, ICollection<KeyValuePair<string, Atom>>, IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<string, Atom>>, IDictionary, ICollection, IEnumerable


Method Description
DictAtom Construct a DictAtom.
CopyTo Copies the Atoms into an array.
Throws Exceptions Add Add an item to the dictionary.
Clear Removes all elements from the dictionary.
Contains Determines whether the dictionary contains an element with a specific name.
Remove Remove an element from the dictionary.
GetKeys Get an array of all the names in the dictionary.
GetValues Get an array of all the Atoms in the dictionary.
GetEnumerator Get an enumerator for the dictionary.
Equals Test whether the two DictAtoms are the same.
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Property Description
Count Get the number of elements in the dictionary.
Throws Exceptions Item Get or set the entry with the specified name.
Keys Get the collection of the keys in the dictionary.
Values Get the collection of the Atoms in the dictionary.
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