Gets the conformance identification from a document.




static PdfConformanceIdentification FromDoc(Doc doc, PdfConformance conformance)
[Visual Basic]
Shared Function FromDoc(doc As Doc, conformance As PdfConformance) As PdfConformanceIdentification



Name Description
doc The document.
conformance The conformance specification for which the identification is to be retrieved.
return The conformance identification.




This method identifies the conformance a document is marked to satisfy.

It is possible that a document conforms to more than one specification (e.g. PDF/A-1 and PDF/X-1) so you need to indicate which specification you want to retrieve the identification for.

The conformance parameter can take the following values:

  • Pdf – not valid.
  • PdfA1b - PDF/A-1 specification.
  • PdfA1a - PDF/A-1 specification (exactly the same as PdfA1b).
  • PdfA2b - PDF/A-2 specification.
  • PdfA2u - PDF/A-2 specification (exactly the same as PdfA2b).
  • PdfA2a - PDF/A-2 specification (exactly the same as PdfA2b).
  • PdfUA1 - PDF/UA-1 specification.