Type Default Read Only Description

[Visual Basic]
Pdf No The PDF conformance.




This property specifies the conformance for validation.

It can take any of the following values:

  • Pdf – PDF conformance.
  • PdfA1b - PDF/A Part 1 Level B conformance.
  • PdfA1a - PDF/A Part 1 Level A conformance.
  • PdfA2b - PDF/A Part 2 Level B conformance.
  • PdfA2u - PDF/A Part 2 Level U conformance.
  • PdfA2a - PDF/A Part 2 Level A conformance.

In general you will be wanting to validate against PdfA1b or PdfA2b - PdfA2b is the parent standard of PdfA2u and PdfA2a.

ABCpdf cannot validate against PdfA2u because Unicode detection is not a feature which is currently supported. We expect this feature to be implemented in the near future.

ABCpdf cannot validate against PdfA2a because the standard includes features which can only be determined by humans. For example it requires that images of text be tagged with the text that is displayed in the image.




See the Read method.