Type Default Read Only Description

[Visual Basic]
IList(Of String)
null Yes The validation errors.




This property holds the validation errors.

If any errors are emitted, then the document is not compliant.

Each PDF/A error indicates the problem and also the part of the specification which is not being adhered to.

Some errors indicate problem with the PDF rather than the PDF/A specification. In this case, no specification section is emitted.

For example, the following errors might be emitted.

Outline item 88's required Count is missing.
PDF/A-1 6.3.5 Font subsets: Type-0 font 198 is a font subset without CIDSet.
PDF/A-1 6.3.6 Font metrics: TrueType font 201's Widths is inconsistent with the embedded font program.
PDF/A-1 6.7.3 Document information dictionary: Metadata 15--Document "Producer" and XMP property pdf:Producer are different.




See the Read method.