Operation to analyse and manipulate the text in a set of pages.



Method Description
Throws Exceptions TextOperation TextOperation Constructor.
Throws Exceptions GetText Get all the text in the page contents.
Throws Exceptions Select Select a range of text in the document.
Group Group a range of text fragments into a set of lines.


Property Description
ClippedTextTolerance How much overlap to require clipped text to have before it is defined as visible.
Direction The default direction for text.
Hyphenation Whether to de-hyphenate words that appear to be split across two lines.
NativeColors Whether to provide native colors such as CMYK, separations and spot colors, or whether to convert all colors to RGB.
PageContents The pages to be operated upon.
ShowArtifactText Whether to show text content that is marked as an artifact.
ShowClippedText Whether to show text which is invisible because it is affected by a clip path.
ShowObscuredText Whether to show overlapping repeated text content.
Substitutions A set of character to string substitutions used for translating typographic characters like ligatures into more normal text.
TabAffinity The minimum distance at which two text fragments will be assumed to be part of separate tab groups.
TabChar The character used to separate out tab groups when GetText is called.
TextObjects Whether to get information on the BT and ET text object markers used to contain and group text operators.
WordAffinity The minimum distance at which two fragments will be assumed to be part of one undivided word.