An operation used to flatten the transparency in PDF documents.



Method Description
FlattenTransparencyOperation FlattenTransparencyOperation Constructor.
Throws Exceptions Flatten Flatten the transparency of pages in a document.
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Property Description
Alpha Sets the backdrop alpha.
AntiAliasPolygons Whether to anti-alias polygons when creating synthetic image objects.
AntiAliasText Whether to anti-alias text when creating a synthetic image object.
ColorSpace Sets the target and compositing colorspace for objects being flattened..
ConvertAnnotations Gets or sets a value indicating whether annotations are to be flattened.
DotsPerInch Sets the resolution of generated images.
IccCmyk The path to the default CMYK ICC color profile.
IccGray The path to the default Gray ICC color profile.
IccRgb The path to the default RGB ICC color profile.
Log Returns information from the last call to Flatten method.
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