Draw the current page from the source to the destination document.




int DrawPage()

[Visual Basic]
Function DrawPage() As Integer



Name Description
return The ID of the newly added object.




Draw the current page from the source PDF document onto the current page of the destination document, returning the ID of the newly added object.

The page is scaled to fill the current Rect. It is transformed using the current Transform.

Many field and annotation types can only exist as a simple rectangle with sides parallel to the page borders. For this reason you should be cautious about the transforms you use when specifying that annotations should be copied. A transform which involves scale and translation will be fine but one involving rotation and skew factors may result in unusual output if the field or annotation does not support this combination.

Pages may be rotated. As such, when drawing one page onto another, you may wish to copy the Page.Rotation from the source page to the destination page. More complex example code to de-rotate a page may be found under the documentation for the Page.Rotation.