Type Default Value Read Only Description

[Visual Basic]
null No The blend mode to be used when transparency is in use.




The blend mode to be used when transparency is in use.

The BlendMode enumeration may take the following values:

  • Normal - Normal.
  • Multiply - Multiply source and backdrop colors.
  • Screen - Multiply complements of souurce and backdrop colors and then complement the output.
  • Overlay - Multiplies of screens depending on backdrop.
  • Darken - Minimum of source and backdrop.
  • Lighten - Maximum of source and backdrop.
  • ColorDodge - Brightens the backdrop.
  • ColorBurn - Darkens the backdrop.
  • HardLight - Like shining a spotlight on the backrop.
  • SoftLight - Like shining a light on the backrop.
  • Difference - Finds the difference between th colors.
  • Exclusion - A lower contrast difference.
  • Hue - Hue of source, saturation and luminescence of backdrop.
  • Saturation - Saturation of source, hue and luminescence of backdrop.
  • Color - Hue and saturation of source, luminescence of backdrop.
  • Luminosity - Luminosity of source, hue and saturation of backdrop.