Gets a resource from the resources dictionary.




virtual AtomAndObject GetResource(IndirectObject owner, ResourceType type, string name)

[Visual Basic]
Overridable Function GetResource(owner As IndirectObject, type As ResourceType, name As string) As AtomAndObject



Name Description
owner The owner of the stream - either a Page or Form XObject.
type The type of resource. For example this might be "Font".
name The name of the resource as referenced in the content stream.
return The resource.




Gets a resource from the resources dictionary.

Resources are cached for fast lookup of repeated requests.

The ResourceType enumeration may take the following values:

  • ExtGState - External graphics states.
  • ColorSpace - Color space for graphics.
  • Pattern - Pattern for filling areas.
  • Shading - Shading type for filling areas.
  • XObject - Encapsulated image in raster or vector form.
  • Font - Font typeface for drawing text.
  • ProcSet - Predefined procedure sets. This property is deprecated in the PDF specification.
  • Properties - Marked content properties.