Validation class.

This is the base pure abstract class that stores and reports the validation status of Elements that are being validated.

For custom validation reports you may derive from this class and implement any abstract methods.

However generally you will want to derive from ValidationBase as it includes a number of useful housekeeping routines.



Validation Initializes a new instance of the Validation class.
Start Called at the point each Element starts validation.
Finish Called at the point each Element finishes validation.
Seen Called to indicate that a particular RefAtom has been seen.
ReportEntryVersion Called to report the entry version.
ReportUnknownEntryName Called to report an entry with an unrecognized name.
ReportIncorrectEntryValue Called to report an entry with an incorrect value.
ReportMissingRequiredEntry Called to report a missing required entry.
ReportNotIndirectObject Called to report an object which should be indirect but is not.
ReportIncorrectItemType Called to report an object which is of the wrong type.
ReportIncorrectNumberOfEntries Called to report an array with an incorrect number of entries.
ReportException Called to report an Exception that was thrown during validation.
ReportRecursiveStructure Called to report detection of a recursive structure.