Why Infix as a PDF Editor?

Editing text with Infix PDF Editor

So why are we so keen on Infix. Well to put it simply Infix is the only practical PDF editor we have ever seen. We were completely amazed by it when we first tried it out.

Editing PDF documents is incredibly complicated. It hides this complexity and makes it as easy as editing a Word document. In short it just blew us away.

The easiest way to illustrate this is with an example. I have a magazine I want to edit - GoddardView. There is one particular page I need to change. Some of the text is too long and I need to remove some bits. Plus I need to add some text to reference another web site.

I have Infix installed. I open the document. Change the text. Save it. Done.

Is it really that simple? Well yes. But just to show you here's the movie. You just couldn't get any easier.

Why not download? Alternatively you might like to see how other so-called PDF editors handle the task. If so then read on.

Acrobat Pro

Acrobat movie.

So what is this like in another editing package? Well let's take Acrobat Pro.

I open the document. Click on the text. Type some letters and get an error.

The error is complex and difficult to understand. However whether I understand it or not the effect is the same.

You can't change the text using Acrobat Pro.

Nitro PDF

Nitro PDF movie.

What about Nitro PDF Pro? Well initially this looks promising. But when I click on the text I find it's all broken up into fragments.

I can edit each line individually and then put them back together by arranging them individually.

I guess if I liked lego this might be fun. But I have a whole brochure to edit and I really don't have time.

And when I add text to each line it ends up going off the edge of the page.

Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit movie.

What about Foxit PDF Editor? Well again this looks promising. And again when I click on the text it all breaks up into fragments.

Again I try editing each line individually. But the page keeps on jumping around and each time I edit the text it all vanishes.

Again it is a frustrating and unsuccessful experience.