ABCpdf .NET - not just for .NET

ABCpdf .NET extends the same great power and speed you get from ABCpdf to the .NET platform. More about ABCpdf standard features...

ABCpdf .NET is compatible with ABCpdf for ASP. It incorporates all the ABCpdf features in a package practically identical to the original. So if you've been using ABCpdf under .NET it's easy to migrate to ABCpdf .NET.

When we say practically identical we really mean practically identical. We changed the name of the Image object to XImage to avoid conflicts with the .NET drawing objects. That's it!

ABCpdf .NET adds extra features to allow simple interaction with the .NET environment using standard .NET structures and classes. If you want to mix and match .NET drawing classes with ABCpdf .NET you can now do this simply and easily.

We haven't made any compromises when it comes to speed either. ABCpdf .NET contains two components - a blazingly fast core engine and a lightweight .NET middle tier.

The core engine incorporates our proprietary Direct to PDF technology designed for high performance PDF manipulation in a multithreaded environment. The .NET tier comprises the visible interface and less speed critical code. When the assembly is loaded it locates and loads the core engine establishing a direct link between the two components.

Note that this architecture is fundamentally different from the COM callable wrappers you often see. The interface between the two components is a direct connection designed for maximum speed under all conditions and specifically avoids the .NET to COM wrappers for this very reason.

We've updated the documentation and all our examples have been translated into both C# and VB.NET so that no matter your language of choice, there's always an example waiting.