Advanced Technical Design

When we create server side controls we do it properly. We code in Visual C++ under ATL for high speed, minimal dependencies and a small footprint.

ABCUpload is Both threaded which means it runs as both Free threaded and Apartment threaded. Both threading allows the fastest access times possible.

Uploads are only copied to memory when required. This means that even for large uploads ABCUpload will typically use only a small amount of memory. Caching on disk is invisible to the user and uses advanced Windows techniques to ensure that the division of data between disk and memory is handled optimally.

We use Structured Exception Handling and Event Logging throughout. You can also configure ABCUpload to write all VBScript errors to the Event Log if this is required for debugging purposes. In the unlikely event that a internal inconsistency arises the problem will be caught and an error message written to the Application Event Log. If the problem is severe the system will either attempt to recover or abort depending on registry settings and platform.

It is often difficult to isolate misbehaving components within the IIS process and many component developers hide behind this fact. While we don't expect you to have any problems ABCUpload is committed to being a good team member - if it has any problems it will tell you about them.