ABCUpload .NET

ABCUpload .NET

ABCUpload .NET allows sophisticated control over the upload of files from a web browser to your ASP.NET pages on your IIS web server.

It requires no client side software and operates via standard multipart HTML forms as defined in RFC 1867.

ABCUpload .NET is based on our many years of experience with ABCUpload but it's written entirely in C#. It's 100% CLS compliant, 100% Managed and offers unsurpassed performance, control and stability. More…

Pure HTML Progress Bar

Our Pure HTML Progress Bar allows your visitors to see the progress of their upload in real time with absolutely no client side software. What's more, for ABCUpload .NET, it has been updated for even better feedback and flexibility. Read more about this… or see it live in action on our example web site…


We have completely re-written the core upload engine using our proprietary GigUpload technology. ABCUpload was always fast and efficient but now it is even more so - if you want to do simultaneous Gigabyte uploads you can do them using ABCUpload .NET. More…

Corruption Autofix

The combination of our Pure HTML Progress Bar and GigUpload technology is pretty unbeatable. However we have added Corruption Autofix to ensure that corrupt uploads are decorrupted whenever they are encountered. More…

ASP .NET Integration

ABCUpload integrates perfectly with ASP.NET. You can interoperate with standard .NET upload classes taking advantage of only the features within ABCUpload that you require.

MacBinary Compatible

ABCUpload is 120% MacBinary compatible to allow perfect uploads from Macintosh as well as Windows and UNIX browsers.

Complex Language Support

ABCUpload .NET is fully Unicode compliant to support languages like Japanese and Korean.

Server Farm and Web Garden ready

ABCUpload .NET is server farm and web garden ready. It allows you full access to the upload so that progress state can be stored locally using the default settings or - for server farms and web gardens - in a remote data store such as a database.