Some aspects of ImageGlue can be controlled on a global level using registry keys.

In general you will not need to use these and you should take the relevant precautions if you decide to modify them.

Registry settings are held at:


Name Type Default Description
LogErrors DWORD 1 [true] When this property is set to one, errors will be logged to the Application Event Log. When it is set to zero, errors will not be logged. See Event Log and XSettings.LogErrors for further details.
ColorProfileDirectory STRING "%SYSTEMROOT%\\SYSTEM32\\SPOOL\\DRIVERS\\COLOR" The directory where ImageGlue searches for icm color profiles when no path has been specified. See Color Profiles and XSettings.ColorProfileDirectory for further details.
DefaultSettings STRING %ProgramFiles%\WebSupergoo\ImageGlue7\ImageGlue.dll.config The location of the file containing ImageGlue settings. See XConfig for further details.
IGSettings STRING Entry not present By default the IGSettings configuration tool uses the configuration file pointed to by DefaultSettings. However this can be changed via the tool UI and when this happens the current configuration file is saved in this registry entry.