Type Default Value Read Only Static Description
XConfig None No Yes The application configuration object.

This property is a collection of application configuration values. Unlike values specified directly in XSettings, the values in XConfig can be made application specific. By default they are system-wide, that is they affect all instances of ImageGlue running on the machine. However if needed you can replace the system wide configuration object with an application specific configuration object. See XConfig for further details.

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Here we change the application settings so that the application configuration file is used instead of a system wide default file. This means any changes only affect our application. We then change the maximum image size to 6000 pixels and save the change to file.


XSettings.Config = new XConfig(Server.MapPath("MyApp.exe.config"));
XSettings.Config.MaxSize = 6000;

[Visual Basic]

XSettings.Config = New XConfig(Server.MapPath("MyApp.exe.config"))
XSettings.Config.MaxSize = 6000