We don't expect you to have any problems with our software, but if you do, we offer a full level of support as standard. If you need an extra level of security, we offer a Platinum Level Support program offering a priority channel through to our engineers.

Your first port of call should be to check out the FAQ on our website. If it doesn't cover your particular query, you can mail us email addresses listed there. We prefer queries via email as technical issues are often complicated and require some thought on our side as well as yours. However, if you need to telephone, then numbers are listed on our web site.




Most bug reports relate to misunderstandings, so if you're reporting a bug, please do first check the documentation carefully. If you feel that an issue hasn't been explained well, please do tell us so we can correct it.

Most configuration problems relate to security settings. If you are operating under a restricted security account, please try running your code in a standard application while logged on as Administrator. It will only take you a few minutes to do this, and it will instantly tell you whether you have a security problem.

Because ABCpdf typically renders URLs from the server-side, the server itself may impose limits. For example, if your server has a video card with a limited range of colors, then certain graphics operations may be limited to that number of colors.

If you find anything that doesn't seem right, please say. We don't know unless you tell us.




Remember to tell us what Operating System you're on and what version of ABCpdf you're using. You can get the exact version of ABCpdf from the PDFSettings control panel. If you're using an older version of ABCpdf, we will be asking you whether the problem occurs using the current download so you may wish to check our downloads page.

If the problem involves URL rendering, please tell us exactly what version of Internet Explorer you have installed on your server. You can get the exact version of Internet Explorer from the About Internet Explorer menu item. If you're using an older version of Internet Explorer, we will be asking you whether the problem occurs using the current version.

Please give us a precise description of what's gone wrong. We like to see examples, so if you have reasonably sized input or output documents which illustrate your point, please do feel welcome to mail them to us.

If the problem relates to a particular resource which we may not have access to - maybe a font or an image - please do send these to us so we can find out what may be unusual about them. If you think we might like to see your code, please show it to us (but please don't send your entire project).

If something's working partially, please tell us what parts are working and what parts are not. If you have any theories or suspicions about what's going on, please do tell us. Also tell us about any unusual software or configuration that might be relevant.




The fastest and most reliable way to resolve an issue is to provide a standalone code sample which demonstrates a problem. Please provide input and output resources and tell us what you think is wrong with your output.

A code sample should be small and should illustrate one particular problem. Please do not send us your entire project and please do not send us code we can't run because it's tied to your particular setup.

Please put a little bit of effort into defining exactly what the problem is. In the long run, this will save you time.

Once we have a standalone code example, we can tell you exactly why your code isn't doing what you think it should. If it's a problem with our software, we'll fix it or suggest a workaround. Even if the problem is outside our software, we are often able to suggest workarounds.