Allows access to images stored in files or in data.

Images can be added to a document using the Doc.AddImageObject method.


Method Description
Clear Clears the image.
SetData Loads an image from data.
SetFile Loads an image from a file.
SetMask Assigns a soft mask to the image.


Property Default Description
ComFactory No The factory for creating objects in the same application domain.
BoundingBox No The physical bounds of the image (points).
Frame No The currently selected frame.
FrameCount No The number of frames in the image.
Height No The height of the current frame (pixels).
HRes No The horizontal resolution of the current frame (DPI).
Indirect No Whether the image will be added using indirect mode.
Selection No The current selection rectangle.
Type No The type of image.
VRes No The vertical resolution of the current frame (DPI).
Width No The width of the current frame (pixels).