Represents a field in a document.

The PDF specification makes a distinction between a field (in terms of a named value) and the visible appearance of the field on the document.

So not every field has a visible appearance. Those that do can be located using the Page and Rect properties. The value of the field can be modified using the Value property.

Fields exist within a hierarchy. Fields have children and their children can have children in turn. You can drill down through the hierarchy using the Kids property.

Alternatively, given a fully qualified name, you can use the XForm-level methods to obtain references directly.


Method Description
Focus Prepares document for drawing at the field location.
Stamp Stamps this field into the document.


Property Default Description
ComFactory No The factory for creating objects in the same application domain.
Format No The field format.
ID No The Object ID associated with this field.
Kids No All children of this field.
MultiSelect No Whether the field supports multiple selections.
Name No The fully qualified field name.
Options No The field options.
Page No The ID of the page on which the field appears.
PartialName No The partial field name.
Rect No The location and size of the field.
Type No The field type.
Value Yes The field value.