Type Default Value Read Only Description
Integer 0 No Minimum time to wait for the page to finish animation (ms).




This feature allows you to cope with web pages that animate.

Most web pages simply load and complete. However some web pages may not complete in a simple manner. For example graphs may draw themselves, maps may update, images may move. These are all features associated with more dynamic modern HTML and AJAX based pages.

To cope with this we introduce the concept of a RepaintDelay and a RepaintTimeout.

When the page has finished loading we wait to see what drawing occurs. Each time the page updates - drawing occurs - we set a timer back to zero.

If the timer reaches the RepaintDelay limit then we assume that the page has reached a ready state. At that point we convert it to PDF.

If the total time exceeds the RepaintTimeout we assume that the page is never going to reach a ready state. At that point we convert whatever we have to PDF.

This value is measured in milliseconds.