Represents a rectangular area in two-dimensional space. When first created, the object defaults to an empty rectangle "0 0 0 0".

By default, ABCpdf uses the standard Adobe PDF coordinate space. The origin of this space is at the bottom left of the document. Distances are measured up and to the right in points. Points are a traditional measure for print work, and there are 72 points in an inch. For further details, see the Coordinates section of the documentation.

You can change the coordinate system used by the Doc.Rect and the Doc.MediaBox using the Doc.Units and Doc.TopDown properties.


Method Description
Inset Insets the edges of the rectangle.
Magnify Magnifies the rectangle.
Move Translates the rectangle.
Position Positions the bottom left of the rectangle.
Resize Resizes the rectangle.
SetRect Sets the location and size of the rectangle.


Property Default Description
ComFactory No The factory for creating objects in the same application domain.
String Yes The rect as a delimited string.
Left No The left of the rect.
Bottom No The bottom of the rect.
Right No The right of the rect.
Top No The top of the rect.
Width No The width of the rect.
Height No The height of the rect.
Pin No The corner of the rectangle to pin.