Represents a digital signature field in a document. It is a specialization of XField object.

As well as providing authorization, digital signatures can also be used to detect whether a file has been altered since signing took place.


Method Description
Commit Commit a previously signed signature to the document.
GetCertificates Extract the encoded X.509 data of the certificate(s).
Sign Sign the digital signature using a private key and password.
Validate Check and validate the status of this signature.
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Property Default Description
IsModified No Whether the PDF has been modified after signing.
IsTimeValid No Whether the signature's certificate was time-valid when the document was signed.
IsTrusted No Whether the signature's certificate is trusted according to ValidationPolicy.
Location No The location of the signing.
Reason No The reason for signing.
Signer No The name of the person signing.
SigningUtcTime No The time of signing in UTC format.
TimestampServiceUrl No The URL to a time-stamping service.
ValidationPolicy No The validation policy for certificates.
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