Allows access to images stored in files or in data. XImages can be added to a document using the Doc.AddImageObject method.


Implements: IDisposable


Method Description
  Throws Exceptions FromFile Creates an XImage from a file path.
  Throws Exceptions FromData Creates an XImage from an array of bytes.
  Throws Exceptions FromStream Creates an XImage from a Stream.
Dispose Dispose of the object.
Clear Clears the image.
Throws Exceptions SetData Load an image from data.
Throws Exceptions SetFile Load an image from a file.
Throws Exceptions SetMask Assign a soft mask to the image.
Throws Exceptions SetStream Load an image from stream.
Throws Exceptions GetInfo Gets internal information from the image.


Property Description
Throws Exceptions AppliedOrientation The orientation transform that should be applied to the image.
BoundingBox The physical bounds of the image in points.
Frame The currently selected frame.
FrameCount The number of frames in the image.
FrameRate The default frame rate for a moving image.
HasRealRes Whether the image specifies the resolution.
Height The height of the current frame (pixels).
HRes The horizontal resolution of the current frame (DPI).
Indirect Whether the image will be added using indirect mode.
NeedsFile Whether the file needs to exist.
NeedsStream Whether the stream needs be kept open.
Orientation The orientation of the current frame.
Selection The current selection rectangle.
Type The type of image.
VRes The vertical resolution of the current frame (DPI).
Width The width of the current frame (pixels).