Type Default Read Only Description
Field this[int index]
Field this[string name]

[Visual Basic]
Default Property Item(index As Integer) As Field
Default Property Item(name As String) As Field
 n/a  No Get or set the item at the specified index.

Throws Exceptions may throw ArgumentOutOfRangeException()
Throws Exceptions may throw NotSupportedException()




Gets or sets the item at the specified location. In C# this property is the indexer for the class.

The index specified may be a zero based numeric index. If the index is not a valid index this property throws an ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

Alternatively it may be a string specifying a field name. If the name is not one which matches a Field in the collection then a null value will be returned.

All Fields collections are read only so attempting to assign an item using this function will generate a NotSupportedException.