A class encapsulating a collection of Fields.


Implements: IList<Field>, ICollection<Field>, IEnumerable<Field>, IList, ICollection, IEnumerable


Method Description
CopyTo Copies the items into a collection.
Throws Exceptions Add Add an item to the end of the collection.
Throws Exceptions Clear Removes all items from the collection.
Contains Determines whether the collection contains a specific item.
IndexOf Determines the index of a specific item.
Throws Exceptions Insert Inserts an item into the collection at the specified position.
Throws Exceptions Remove Removes an item from the collection.
Throws Exceptions RemoveAt Removes an item at a specified position from the collection.
GetEnumerator Gets an enumerator for the Collection.


Property Description
Count The number of items in the collection.
IsRoot Whether this is the root element of the Fields tree.
Throws Exceptions Item Get or set the item at the specified index.