Class ArrayElement.

This class represents an array of typed Elements.

Since it is an array, the core Atom it is created from should be an ArrayAtom.


Implements: IList<T>, IList

Type T : The type of Element that this ArrayElement contains.


ArrayElement<T> Create a new ArrayElement.
IndexOf Determines the index of a specific Element.
Throws Exceptions Insert Inserts an Element into the array at the specified position.
Throws Exceptions RemoveAt Removes the Element at the specified index.
Throws Exceptions Add Add an Element to the end of the array.
Clear Removes all Elements from the array.
Contains Determines whether the array contains a specific Element.
CopyTo Copies the Elements into an array.
Remove Removes an Element from the array.
GetEnumerator Returns an enumerator that iterates through the collection.
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ElementType The Type of elements within the Array.
ElementsIndirect Whether elements within the Array are required to be indirect.
Nullable Whether NullAtom values are acceptable within the array.
Throws Exceptions Item[int index] Gets or sets the Element at the specified index.
Count Gets the number of Elements contained in the array.
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