What's New in ImageGlue 3.0 ?

The information on this page relates to an old version of ImageGlue.

Click here for information about the latest version of ImageGlue .NET.

The most obvious change is the name. It used to be ImageGoo and now it's ImageGlue. If you had the old version installed you will continue to be able to use either name when creating objects.

We've always prided ourselves on the speed of ImageGlue. However we've now made enhancements that speed up image processing even more. Most operations are typically 50% faster and in some cases can be up to three times faster.

There's a new ImageGlue control panel called IGSettings. This allows you to change preferences, optimize your scripts for speed and memory use and generally see what your web server is doing.

We support Unicode when drawing text. This means you can use Korean, Chinese or Japanese text in your images.

And of course there's the usual set of bug fixes. PNG images now export correctly - a new parameter was created to allow alpha channels to be selectively exported. TIFF CCITT encoded Fax images now display scaled correctly. Individually drawn Photoshop layers are now positioned correctly. The Graphic object always returns the correct number of images in a file. An upload memory leak specific to some installations was fixed. And many more...

If you have a version of ImageGoo purchased after January 1st 2000 please contact us and we will issue you a new registration key.

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