So What's New in ImageGlue Version 6?

The information on this page relates to an old version of ImageGlue.

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.NET Native

ImageGlue .NET is .NET Native. This means that it runs even faster than before in a package which is completely COM free. All our code has been rewritten in both C# and VB and you'll find loads of new examples designed to leverage this power.

As well as the standard methods available in ASP you'll find that lots of methods and classes are specific to the .NET environment. Where ever you see the [.NET] sign that's an indication of a feature designed specially for .NET.

Easy to Deploy

ImageGlue .NET has always been incredibly powerful but the sophistication used to come at the price of a package which was complicated to deploy.

Now ImageGlue .NET comes in a small and compact package which can be deployed with the minimum of fuss. Just great for redistributable applications!

PostScript and PDF Support

ImageGlue .NET now comes with its own professional quality PostScript-compatible rendering engine. So high end graphics are only a step away.

ImageGlue .NET allows you to render EPS and PS files in their native color spaces. And because PDF is a PostScript derived format it allows you to render PDF files as well.

PostScript is a programming language with practically unlimited power. ImageGlue .NET allows you to draw PostScript direct into your Canvas. All the power of PostScript from simple text drawing to complex warping and special effects are yours for the taking.

Very Large TIFF Support

ImageGlue 5 introduced Very Large JPEG Support. This is unique to ImageGlue and allow you to read in and scale down extremely large JPEG images very efficiently. The memory used can be as little as 2% of the value that you might normally expect.

ImageGlue 6 extends this to the TIFF format. Very Large TIFF Support allows high quality resizing of enormous TIFF images. If you want to thumbnail Gigapixel TIFFs ImageGlue can handle it!

New File Formats

ImageGlue .NET now supports in the region of thirty new file formats. Most importantly it supports JPEG2000 and JBIG2.

Read and write JPEG 2000 images. Read highly compressed black and white images in JBIG2 format.

Other new and enhanced formats include EMF, WMF, ICO, PDF, EPS, JPEG and TIFF.

EXIF Support

As well as IPTC Metadata ImageGlue 6 now supports EXIF metadata.

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