So What's New in ImageGlue Version 8?

Backwards Compatible

New and powerful APIs for a more modern approach to graphics programming.

Available for both .NET Framework, .NET 5.0 and .NET 6.0.

However not everyone has time to rewrite their code using a new API.

We maintain the old APIs and namespaces so that upgrading is a piece of cake.

Forward Looking

ImageGlue 8 is based around the API styles in System.Drawing.

However many aspects of System.Drawing have been rationalized to make it easier to use.

System.Drawing generally uses single precision floating point values. ImageGlue uses double precision values throughout.

ImageGlue implements many implicit and explicit cast operators so it is easy to change an object from one type to another.

ImageGlue implements common arithmetic and operator overloads on standard structures.

While we improve on System.Drawing we also maintain compatibility so that porting is easy.

Easy to Deploy

ImageGlue 8 comes in a small compact package which can be deployed manually. Just great for redistributable applications!

It comes in both a traditional MSI package and also a NuGet package available via

It supports both the traditional .NET Framework and also .NET 5.0 and .NET 6.0.


For more details see the Upgrading section of the documentation.


What's New in Other Versions