ImageEffects lets you apply visual effects to images. It is designed specifically for web server use which means it is both multithreaded and exceptionally fast. We use a set of custom built libraries, each targeted at a specific processor, to ensure that your code runs the very fastest possible.

ImageEffects has been engineered to mesh perfectly with ImageGlue. However you don't have to be using ImageGlue to take advantage of ImageEffects. As long as your ASP imaging component allows access to an HDC or HBITMAP you can use ImageEffects.

ImageEffects supports the following effects.

  • Median
  • Sharpen
  • Convolution
  • Gaussian Blur
  • Laplacian
  • Unsharp Mask
  • Despeckle
  • Brightness
  • Equalize
  • Contrast
  • Levels
  • AutoLevels
  • Histogram
  • Twirl
  • Pinch
  • Ripple
  • Wave

If you'd like to see what these look like then check out our online documentation...

If you'd like to see it live in action then visit our live example web site...

If you are more interested in how simple using ImageEffects can be then check out our example...