How simple can you get?

So let's apply a simple sharpen effect. To start with we need an ImageGlue Canvas. We'll create one and draw a picture of a boat onto it.

thePath = Server.MapPath("images/boat.jpg")
Set theCanv = Server.CreateObject("ImageGlue.Canvas")
theCanv.DrawFile thePath, ""

Original image of boat.

Next we apply a sharpen effect to the image.

Set theFX = Server.CreateObject("ImageEffects.FX")
theFX("Sharpen").Image = theCanv.Image

Finally we save the sharpened image.

thePath = Server.MapPath("images/sharpboat.jpg")
theCanv.SaveAs thePath, ""

Image of boat sharpened.

That's it! Couldn't be any simpler could it? There's lots more examples in the documentation so why not download now...

Thanks to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce for the use of this photograph.