BetterPhoto is a great site all about photography. They're using ImageGlue to manipulate images you upload.

MegaStar Newsletters is a great site which lets you use ABCpdf to generate personalized newspapers all about your kids.

Load.CD Sheet Music is a superb platform for publishing and sharing classical and contemporary sheet music. They use ABCpdf at the core of their system for rendering sheet music in a beautiful yet standardized way.

See the DICOM Import plugin for QuickTime from Escape Information Services. You can use it to allow ImageGlue to accept medical images in DICOM format.

BitJazz make QuickTime plugins for lossless image compression.

Preferred Developers

ADAM Software NV develop cutting edge media management solutions that go beyond the limitations of other systems. Their solutions allow easy management of many millions of digital assets. With the focus on image manipulation they rely on ImageGlue as the core solution which provides the level of quality they require.

Data Fabrication are a leading edge design and development firm based in Chicago, Illinois. They've brought together some of the most distinguished designers and developers in the industry to create solutions requiring an equally high degree of creative design, technological innovation and business expertise.

E-Integrity provide application development, e-commerce web design, enterprise content and digital asset management implementation, and e-learning program development products and services. They are backed by one of New England’s premier graphics communications companies.

Digital Desire Group specialize in web architecture using ABCpdf and ABCUpload for enhanced media support within their CMS and online-payment solutions. Digital Desire Group operate within a wide range of industries but have special experience in traditional media, medical and health related sites.

Developer Resources has the best developer sites. We particularly like and

If you are in the Sydney area you should check out the Sydney .NET User Group. It's a chance to discuss .NET and meet people at the cutting edge of .NET development.

If you are a hard core developer you'll need to check out SysInternals and Compuware. Both make wonderful, must-have diagnostic and code analysis tools.

Add-in Express make some very innovative visual tools for rapid development of add-ins for Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and other add-in capable environments.

TX Text Control is a text processing control that can be dropped into Visual Basic, Delphi and Microsoft Visual C++, to enable developers to add advanced word processing features to their applications.