Privacy and Personal Information

We respect your personal information and we treat your email address just as securely as any other personal information you may provide us with.

We do not send unwanted email, junk email or spam.

Any personally identifying information you provide will only be used within our organization and by our agents and affiliates. All of us adhere to the same privacy standards and we only use this information for the purposes for which it was intended. We will not pass your personal information to any other third party organizations without your explicit permission.

Under some circumstances we may pass your details to other people within your organization. Suppose you purchase a license. Later one of your colleagues comes to us asking if someone has purchased a license. In this type of situation we will tell your colleague that you have purchased a license and provide them with your contact details.

You are bound by our license agreement to hold all license keys confidential. We assume that you abide by the license agreement. So if someone comes to us quoting your license key we will assume that they are either part of your organization or that they are in some way an agent of yours. In these cases we may pass your details to this person.

We expect you to preserve the privacy of our employees in the same way that we protect yours.


We will treat as confidential anything you send us that might reasonably be regarded as confidential. The easiest way for us to know that something is confidential is to tell us. Preferably repeatedly. We will apply the same secrecy and security standards to your confidential information as we would to our own.

We cannot delete attachments you send us in emails as they form a part of our support and audit trail. If you want to send us something which should be deleted after use please reference it via a download link. After we have finished using it please ask us to delete any copies of it. Once this has been done we will confirm so by return of email. Please do not assume that copies have been deleted until you receive this confirmation.

We never agree to or or make any contracts via email. This means that when you email us you are automatically waiving any terms and conditions written in (or referenced via) your email. In particular if you send us something via a secure email attachment service you are automatically waiving any contract that goes with it.

We expect you to treat as confidential anything that we say to you that might reasonably be regarded as confidential. If we tell you something which is not confidential and you decide to make it public, you must represent us reasonably and fairly.

Any commercial relationship between you and us is not regarded as confidential. Indeed as part of our software licensing agreements you provide us with the right to use this fact, in combination with your trademarks and logos, for marketing purposes. Our aim is to represent you in a way you approve of so, if for whatever reason you feel this is not working for you, just send us a message and we will adjust or remove content as required.


If you have given us permission to send mail to you at your email address we may do so. We may use your email address for quality assurance and occasionally to notify you of important information related to our products.

Our newsletter exists to keep you informed about new products, special offers and other information which may be relevant to you as a developer. We normally send out about one newsletter per month.

For example, when you download our software you may be asked if you want to receive this kind of mail. Remember you never need to give your email address.

If you change your mind you can remove your email address from our records at any time by clicking on the 'Manage Your Subscription' link at the bottom of your newsletter.


Our web server monitors the way in which you use our site - where you came from, what pages you looked at and where you went to.

Some of our pages may use cookies. A cookie is a tag created when you visit our site. It allows us to tell the difference between someone navigating between two different pages and two different people visiting those pages.

However no personally identifying information is stored or available to anyone. As a visitor you are completely anonymous. There is no information held on you, your name or any other personal details.

If you do not want cookies you can disable them by altering the preferences on your browser. Be aware that most sites rely on cookies and that they may not function normally if you choose to disable cookies.

If you have any questions about this or similar issues please feel welcome to contact us.


Under this policy we have obligations to you regarding privacy and confidentiality. However you also have obligations to us as detailed above. Any rights you may have under this policy are conditional on you fulfilling your obligations.