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WebSupergoo produces cutting-edge software components for Windows servers.

Our components allow you to create dynamic PDF content, render web pages to images, upload images to your web site, create and manipulate images and store them as files or in databases, plus much more. Download free trials below or tell me more...

  • ABCpdf creates dynamic PDFs, including cool features like HTML to PDF conversion with full CSS support.
  • ABCUpload extends the capabilities of your web server to let you upload files and data.
  • ImageGlue creates, modifies and manipulates quality images.
  • ABCocr a robust component for optical character recognition (OCR).

What's New?
ABCpdf Version 10 is out and includes not only our state-of-the-art HTML to PDF conversion features but also PDF/A support, Transparency Flattening, GigaPDF™ Extremely Large Document Support, optimization and size reduction along with existing PostScript-compatibility for EPS import and export, Word, Excel and PowerPoint support, native XPS, WPF, turbocharged PDF rendering, image effects, and much much more. Download now...

Our example web site will show you how it all works. Our news site lets you upload images, apply graphics effects and a variety of other funky stuff. Our ABCpdf site lets you create your very own dynamic PDF documents. Check it out...

WebSupergoo is a well-established company, founded in 1999, with tens of thousands of clients. Our Enterprise Level clients include companies like Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.
We specialize in imaging and Internet technologies and provide innovative, industrial-quality solutions.
We also provide consultancy in a number of media-related areas. Contact us...