This is the top-level object that represents a PDF document.


Method Description
AddArc Adds an arc to the current page.
AddBookmark Adds a bookmark pointing to the current page.
AddColorSpaceFile Adds an ICC-based color space to the document..
AddColorSpaceSpot Adds a separation color space to the document.
AddFont Adds a font reference to the document.
AddGrid Adds a visible grid to the current page.
AddHtml Adds a block of HTML styled text to the current page
AddImage Adds an image to the current page.
AddImageCopy Adds a copy of an existing image to the current page.
AddImageData Extracts an image from a chunk of data and adds it to the current page.
AddImageDoc Draws a page from one PDF document onto the current page of this document.
AddImageFile Extracts an image from a file and adds it to the current page.
AddImageHtml Renders a web page specified as HTML.
AddImageObject Gets an image from an Image object and adds it to the current page.
AddImageToChain Adds a new page from a paged HTML or PostScript render.
AddImageUrl Renders a web page specified by URL.
AddLine Adds a line to the current page.
AddObject Adds a native PDF object to the document.
AddOval Adds an oval to the current page.
AddPage Adds a page to the current document.
AddPie Adds a pie slice to the current page.
AddPoly Adds a polygon to the current page.
AddText Adds a block of text to the current page.
Append Appends a PDF to the end of the document.
Chainable Determines whether an object is chainable.
Clear Clears the document.
Delete Deletes an object previously added to the document.
EmbedFont Embeds a font into the document.
FillRect Adds a painted rectangle to the current page.
Flatten Flattens and compresses the current page.
FrameRect Adds a rectangular frame to the current page.
GetData Saves a document to memory.
GetInfo Gets information about an object.
GetText Extracts content from the current page in a specified format.
Read Reads an existing PDF.
RemapPages Remaps pages for reordering, copying and deletion.
Save Saves the document as PDF.
SetInfo Sets information about an object.


Property Default Description
ComFactory No The factory for creating objects in the same application domain.
Bookmark No The top-level bookmark for the document.
Color No The color used for drawing.
ColorSpace No The current color space.
CropBox No The current document visible page size.
Encryption No The current encryption settings.
Font No The font used for drawing text.
Form No The document eForm.
FontSize No The line height for drawing text.
HPos No The horizontal positioning of text.
HtmlOptions No The HTML and URL rendering options and control.
Layer No The insertion position for new content.
LayerCount No The number of layers on the current page.
License No The current installed license.
MediaBox No The default size for new pages.
Options No The current state options.
Page No The current page for drawing operations.
PageCount No The number of pages in the document.
PageNumber No The page number of the current page.
Pos No The current position for drawing operations.
Rect No The current area for drawing operations.
Rendering No The rendering options and control.
Root No The root catalog object.
SaveOptions No The save options and control.
TextStyle No The current style for text drawing.
TopDown No The gradient of the vertical coordinate.
Transform No The current transformation for drawing.
Units No The current measurement units.
VPos No The vertical positioning of text.
Width No The current line width for drawing operations.


Event Description
HtmlRender An event sent out during html rendering.