Magnifies the rectangle.




void Magnify(double x, double y)

[Visual Basic]
Sub Magnify(x As Double, y As Double)



Name Description
x The horizontal scale factor.
y The vertical scale factor.




Scales the rectangle width and height by a specified horizontal and vertical amount.

When you magnify a rectangle one corner of the rectangle is pinned and the width and height of the rectangle adjusted. The corner which is pinned is indicated by the Pin property. The default pin corner is the bottom left.




The following code.


XRect rc = new XRect(); rc.String = "20 20 220 120"; Response.Write($"Rect = {rc}"); Response.Write("<br>"); rc.Magnify(0.5, 0.5); Response.Write($"Scale = {rc}");

Produces the following output.

Rect = 20 20 220 120
Scale = 20 20 120 70