The main namespace, provides key classes such as Graphics and Bitmap along with utility classes.

Object Description
Bitmap Top level object that represents a raster Image.
BitmapData A class representing a locked block of pixel data.
Brush A brush used for the filling of shapes and paths.
S» Brushes Stock solid brushes for general use.
CharacterRange A selection of text within a string.
Color A color in RGB, CMYK or Grayscale.
ColorPalette An object that represents the color table or palette for an indexed color image.
ColorPaletteType A color palette. This class allows you to specify how to select colors when image colors are reduced, or when exporting a bitmap with a reduced depth.
S» Colors Colors in RGB, CMYK or Grayscale.
CustomLineCap A custom line cap to be drawn at the end of stroked line segments.
S» Effects Top level object that represents an effect to be applied.
EncoderParameters A set of image encoding parameters for use when exporting as a particular format.

A font to be used for drawing text.

FontCollection Represents a collection of fonts.
FontFamily A family of fonts representing different styles such as regular, italic and bold.

A graphics context providing drawing methods.

A graphics context wraps a Bitmap. The Bitmap is the surface on which drawing takes place - the paper so to speak. The Graphics provides the methods which allow drawing - the drawing tools so to speak.

GraphicsPath A series of connected lines and curves.
Halftone A description of a particular type of halftone. Halftones allow the representation of continuous tone colors using a number of discrete colors. Most commonly this is used for representing grayscale images using a black and white approximation.

An image is the base type for surfaces on which drawing can take place.

The classic image type is an RGB Bitmap. However images could encompass surfaces such as SVG vector output.

ImageFormat A class identifying the image format.
InstalledFontCollection Represents the collection of Windows fonts available to the user.
Matrix An affine matrix in 2D space.
PathData Represents a series of connected lines and curves.
Pen Pens can be used to draw lines and curves.
S» Pens Stock solid pens of width one pixel, for general use.
PixelFormat An object that represents the pixel format of a raster image.
Point A point containing integer values.
PointF A point containing floating-point values.
Rectangle A rectangular area in a 2D coordinate space.
RectangleF A rectangular area in a 2D coordinate space.
Region A region of 2D space.
Size A rectangular size in a 2D coordinate space.
SizeF A rectangular size in a 2D coordinate space.
SolidBrush A solid color brush used for the filling of shapes and paths.
StringAlignment Flags to control the alignment of text.
StringFormat The StringFormat is used to specify the format of a string.
TextureBrush An image textures brush used for the filling of shapes and paths.
XConfig ImageGlue configuration settings.
XConfigLog Configuration Values for operation logging.
S» XSettings Global settings class.

Enum Description
ColorChannel A color channel in a color space.
ColorPaletteFamily The palette definition.
ColorSpace The color space for graphics.
CombineMode How to combine clipping regions.
CompressionType A type of compression to use.
DashCap The dash cap.
DashStyle The style of dashed lines drawn with a Pen object.
FillMode The way in which a closed path is filled.
FitType Flags to determine how one rectangle is fitted inside another.
FontStyle A variant of a font within a family.
FrameDimension The type of use for images containing multiple frames. For example a movie may contain multiple frames at different times. or a fax TIFF might contain multiple pages.
GenericFontFamilies A generic family of fonts.
GraphicsUnit A unit of measurement for graphic coordinates.
HalftoneType The type of halftone.
ImageLockMode The image lock mode when getting data from an image.
LineCap The line cap style specifies the shape to be used at the ends of open sub-paths when they are stroked.
LineJoin The line join style specifies the shape to be used at the corners of stroked paths.
LinearGradientMode The linear gradient mode.
MatrixOrder The order in which matrices should be combined.
PathPointType The type of point in a GraphicsPath.
PenType The type of pen.
RotateFlipType A rotation and mirror combination.
SpotFunction A spot function represents shades of gray using a repeating pattern or function. This enumeration allows you to specify the particular type of pattern.
WrapMode The wrap mode for tiles in tiling patterns.