Represents the current HTML rendering settings.

The properties of this object may be used to control the way that the Doc.AddImageUrl and Doc.AddImageHtml methods work.

The methods of this object operate on objects added using the the Doc.AddImageUrl and Doc.AddImageHtml methods. Some operations change the document. Others provide information about the content which has been added.

HTML documents can be imported using different HTML engines. The current supported ones are the MSHTML engine (used in Microsoft Internet Explorer) and a modified version of Mozilla Firefox's Gecko engine tailored to work with ABCpdf. Different engines interpret HTML documents in different ways and support a different set of HTML options, please see the Engine property for details.



Method Description
EndTasks Ends any HTML Engine worker threads or processes.
GetHttpStatusCode Retrieves the HTTP status code.
GetScriptReturn Retrieves the client side onload script return value.
GetTagIDs Gets an array of the HTML IDs of tagged visible items.
GetTagRects Gets an array of the locations of tagged visible items.
GetTagUntransformedRects Gets an array of the locations of tagged visible items before Doc.Transform is applied.
LinkDestinations Convert a restricted selection of external links to internal links.
LinkPages Convert external links to internal links wherever possible.
PageCacheClear Clears the HTML page cache.
PageCachePurge Purges the HTML page cache.
SetTheme Specify whether to use Windows themes or not.


Property Description
Engine The engine to use for HTML import operations.
ForChrome An object that provides access to only the HTML options supported by the ABCChrome engine.
ForMSHtml An object that provides access to only the HTML options supported by the MSHTML engine.
ForGecko An object that provides access to only the HTML options supported by the ABCGecko HTML engine.
ForWebKit An object that provides access to only the HTML options supported by the ABCWebKit engine.
AddForms Whether form fields should be live.
AddLinks Whether hyperlinks should be live.
AddMovies Whether active content such as movies should be added.
AddTags Whether location of certain tags should be noted.
AddIDs Whether HTML ID attributes should be tracked.
AddNames Whether HTML name attributes should be tracked.
AdjustLayout Whether HTML layout is checked and adjusted for optimal output to PDF.
AutoTruncate Whether to automatically clip redundant content at the end of the page.
BaseURI The base URL to use for all relative URLs in the page.
BreakMethod The page break logic for HTML.
BreakZoneSize The percentage of the current drawing area in which HTML breaks can occur.
BrowserWidth The width of the virtual browser in pixels.
CoerceVector The conditions under which to coerce a vector output.
CommandOptions A set of command options for the HTML engine.
ContentCount The minimum number of content items required for a page to be valid.
DeactivateWebBrowser Whether to deactivate the WebBrowser.
Throws Exceptions DisableVectorCoercion The conditions under which to disable vector-output coercion.
DoMarkup Whether HTML pages are marked up before conversion to PDF.
FireShield The FireShield™ security settings to be applied to the ABCChrome engine.
FontEmbed Whether fonts should be embedded rather than referenced.
FontProtection Whether fonts should be protected.
FontSubset Whether embedded fonts should be subsetted or not.
FontSubstitute Whether font substitution should be used to reduce file size.
HideBackground Whether to hide the background color of a page.
HostWebBrowser Whether to host a WebBrowser control.
HtmlCallback The multicast delegate to be called while HTML rendering is taking place.
HtmlEmbedCallback The multicast delegate to be called when embedding an object while HTML rendering is taking place.
HttpAdditionalHeaders Additional HTTP headers to send in the request.
IgnoreCertificateErrors Whether to ignore certificate-related errors.
ImageQuality The quality of compression acceptable for continuous tone images such as JPEGs.
ImprovePageBreakAvoid Whether to improve the support for page-break-inside of avoid.
ImprovePageBreakInTable Whether to improve the support for page break in table to prevent missing rows.
InitialWidth The minimum width to be used for auto-sized pages.
LogonName A user name to be used for authentication.
LogonPassword A password to be used for authentication.
MakeFieldNamesUnique Whether field names should be changed to make them unique.
MaxAtomicImageSize The maximum size at which an image may be regarded as unbreakable.
Media The CSS media type to use.
NoCookie Whether to disable automatic cookies.
NoDefaultBackground Whether to disable the default background color.
NoSnapRounding Whether to disable the snap rounding of coordinates and lengths.
NoTheme Whether themes should be disabled.
OnLoadScript A script to be run after the page is loaded.
PageCacheEnabled Whether the page cache should be searched before rendering the page.
PageCacheExpiry The length of time that pages can be held in the cache (ms).
PageCacheSize The number of pages that can be held in the cache.
Paged Whether content should be rendered in multipaged format.
PageLoadMethod The method for loading URI/HTML.
ProcessOptions The options for new worker processes.
ReloadPage Whether to reload page.
RepaintDelay Minimum time to wait for the page to finish animation (ms).
RepaintTimeout Maximum time to wait for the page to finish animation (ms).
RequestMethod The request method for URL.
RetryCount The number of times a page should be retried if unavailable or invalid.
TargetLinks Whether hyperlinks should be allowed to open new windows.
Timeout The maximum amount of time allowed for obtaining a page (ms).
TransferModule The module for obtaining URI/HTML data.
UseActiveX Whether to enable ActiveX.
UseJava Whether to enable Java.
UseNoCache Whether any proxy servers should re-request items of content.
UserAgent The user-agent string.
UseResync Whether to resynchronize pages.
UseProxyServer Whether to use a proxy server.
UseScript Whether to enable JavaScript and VBScript.
UseTheme Whether to use themes.
UseVideo Whether to enable Video.